Play and Learn Childcare & Education is an Irish owned early years’ service which is owned and operated by Allison Farrell. Allison has her BA (Hons) degree & Postgraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and Care. Allison has worked in various different service types across Ireland and the UAE, after returning home from the UAE, Allison decided to open her own early years service in 2016.

Play and Learn Childcare & Education currently has three branches located across Carlow, Newbridge and Dublin. Play and Learn Preschool & Afterschool which is a preschool and afterschool service located in Carlow and Play and Learn Childcare & Education which is a full day care service located in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, and Citywest, Co. Dublin.

Play and Learn Childcare & Education strives to provide only the highest quality care and education across its branches, creating an environment where your child feels safe, secure and happy is our priority. Play and Learn endeavors to create a home from home environment where children and their families feel valued and listened to.

Allison Farrell

Company Owner

Allison prides herself on the quality of her team of educators whom she hand-picks. Allison ensures each room has a BA (hons) degree qualified team leader and ensures all educators engage in continuous professional development. This ensures they provide the best and most Up-to-date care and education to the children in their care. Play and Learn Childcare & Education also prides itself on its inclusive practise, ensuring all children are given equal opportunities to reach their full potential. We operate an open-door policy, and welcome parents into our service to share ideas, carry out activities or volunteer for special occasions. We recognise the parents as the primary educators in their children’s lives, therefore partnership with parents is an extremely important aspect of our ethos.

Play and Learn Childcare & Education places huge emphasis on the importance of outdoor play, and the role it plays in children’s learning and development. Children are given ample opportunities to engage in outdoor play. Play and Learn is primarily play-based with elements of the Montessori method of teaching and learning incorporated into the daily routine. Practical life skills, independence skills and social & emotional development are central to Play and Learns daily routine. Aístear; the early year's curriculum framework & Síolta; the early years quality framework, guide our practise, and therefore we operate an emergent curriculum & children’s rights-based approach to learning where children’s voices, opinions and ideas lay the foundation for everything we do.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our service!